Sat Jan 18 2020 - SimH and 1st Edition Unix Release

I can't belive it. At first I just wanted SimH on iOS 1, and I managed to get version 3.5-1 to compile (newer builds didn't work, this is the reason devs need to keep archives of past releases which the SimH dev does). Then I managed to get 3.8-1 to compile, which meant the 1st Edition Unix here would work without errors. Like all software on Installer 3 ports, this is on my Installer.app source now. It's simply amazing to run the first Unix on a 2007 smartphone. Next is BSD, I really like the BSDs, and can probably release most of them in a similar SimH package.

Sat Jan 17 2020 - Installer 3 Ports Release

Think NetBSD style port tree, except using GNU Make and not as complicated. Anything ported like standard open source software will be added here, including any neccesary changes for said software to compile and work on iOS 1.0-1.1.5.

Sat Jan 17 2020 - AppTapp Installer Writer Development

I've literally been wanting to do this forever. A program to create Installer 3 XML. Installer 4 had nice packager php scripts to automate things, but Installer 3 and all previous versions never had anything like that.

Since the source code of Installer 3 was released, now the problem of documentation is solved. The code is right there, for example all of the script commands are in the file ATScript.m.

AppTapp Installer Writer writes the tedious fragments of XML for you in a slick usage of args or lack of. I use it for everything on my Installer 3 source.

This is still at version 0.2.x currently and alot of work needs to be done to actually implement everything Installer 3 supports. But even at 0.2.x this is completely usable and i could never imagine going back to manually doing things the old hacky way.

Sat Jan 11 2020 - LTI v4.0.4 Released

The new build system is a script called build. The only thing you need to do is supply an argument of 1.0 or 2.0b2 to the build script. It figures out the rest on the OSes it supports.