Lex's Toolchain Installer

iPhone Dev Tool chain created by the iPhone Dev Team, updated by lex.

LTI is the automatic iPhone Dev Team Tool chain installer. It will build and install the iPhone Dev Team tool chain from source code, which allows you to compile programs and applications for iPhone/iPod Touch firmware 1.0-1.1.5 or 1.2 beta-2.0 beta 3.

System Requirements

Building From Source Requirements


deb 1.0-1.1.5 Tool Chain Linux - MD5: f3dc6d7fd8e9c39b4f08b31f641cb95d

zip MD5: 1c91a55f95611116298f5aac290a9d2c


For the Linux deb, simply dpkg -i with root or sudo privilages and your good to go.

Building from source

Step 1

Verify that the full directory path to this extracted LTI directory does not contain any spaces in the directory names. This will prevent the toolchain from building. On Mac OS X LTI will replace the default /etc/profile with one that contains the path /usr/local/bin. This is required to make it work.

If your on Mac OS X, install Xcode. If your on Linux, install all the required dependencies by opening a terminal app and running the command "apt-get install bzip2 zlib1g-dev build-essential bison flex make".

Step 2

Next, open a Terminal program. Cd into this extracted lti directory. Execute the script that you'd like to with sudo or the root user:

Only one toolchain can be installed at a time. If you install the toolchain for 1.2 beta-2.0 beta 3, it will overwrite the 1.0-1.1.5 toolchain and vice versa.

If you are compiling with the 1.2 beta-2.0 beta 3 toolchain, it may be required to use these extra CFLAGS when building:

CFLAGS = -F/usr/local/share/iphone-filesystem/System/Library/Frameworks \
         -F/usr/local/share/iphone-filesystem/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks \
         -fobjc-abi-version=2 \

Objc compiling is limited to Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard for the 1.2 beta-2.0 beta 3 toolchain.

To uninstall LTI, execute "./uninstall.sh" in the extracted lti directory with the root user or sudo. This will delete the toolchain from /usr/local/arm-apple-darwin

To update LTI, run the newer version's installer.