iTunes Eraser

By lex.


If you need to downgrade and or uninstall the current iTunes installation on your Mac or Windows PC, iTunes eraser is for you. Once iTunes is uninstalled, you can install any version of iTunes compatible with your operating system.

Some iTunes versions have been archived on the iTunes page.


iTunes Library: Uninstalling iTunes will also delete your iTunes Library. If you want to keep your iTunes media, backup your iTunes Library by copying the directory at:

To somewhere else. You can restore your Library later by installing iTunes and dragging the directory you copied somewhere else into the iTunes Window.

Xcode: If you have Xcode version 4 or newer installed, uninstalling iTunes may make Xcode not function as expected. Xcode 4 and above required certain drivers to connect to iPhones and iPod Touchs which are provided through iTunes. With an older iTunes version installed, drivers may not be available or work well. You can always install the original iTunes version that worked with your Xcode version to fix this issue if it occurs.

Requirements To Install

If your on Mac OS X 10.11 or newer, you must disable System Integrity Protection (SIP) to use iTunes Eraser. To disable SIP:


mac MD5: 1db36e4f2802924cacd57d3f2cc2144e

windows MD5: 3e315bebde2c0ac9ea02eab642a6afa7


Step 1

Download the Windows or Mac version of iTunes Eraser from the links above and unzip the file.

On Windows, double click itunes eraser 2.bat (or drag it into cmd.exe). On Mac open /Applications/Utilities/ and execute

sudo /path/to/ituneseraser

Step 2

After iTunes Eraser has ran, you must reboot your Mac or Windows PC before installing another iTunes version or it won't work correctly.

After reboot, your free to install any iTunes version compatible with your operating system.