Created by GeoHot, updated by lex.

GeoHot released a libusb based Pwnage 2.0 exploit tool back in 2008. I've updated it to work on more operating systems and signifigantly improved UX.

What does the Pwnage 2.0 exploit do? It allows you to enter ANY iPhone, iPhone 3G, or iPod Touch 1 into Pwned DFU Mode. This means that you can restore custom IPSW files and execute unsigned code. Pwned DFU Mode is completely reversable by simply restoring a stock official Apple IPSW.

iRan is better then any other DFU pwner because it does not use iTunes at all. That's right, no need to downgrade iTunes to pwn your device. However if you want to restore with a custom IPSW file you'll need iTunes version 7.3-11.0.5. iTunes 11.1 and newer prevent custom IPSW file restores due to an additional verification step Apple implemented.

Supported Operating Systems

As of iRan v1.0.1, you can run iRan on FreeBSD, Linux, and Mac OS X/Mac OS.

What you'll need to use it


Source Code

bzip2 MD5: 83ae3c4f79fa94694476586368527a7e


linux Intel 32 bit - MD5: f94554b42b43f30acd6995cba6e08d65


freebsd Intel 32 bit - MD5: d326ec7b49ba238f3ea151ca36a86cbb

Mac OS X and Mac OS

Mac Intel 32 bit - MD5: 7b8bf5173c96e33b327620fea45fab61

Mac Intel 64 bit - MD5: 027a567fa50a4b0b19cbcfd5f1b8bc29

Mac PPC 32 bit - MD5: e78079397e8cc1942892628d1c172380

Mac users also need to download my standalone Libusb installer MD5: 579432c43c5aec440a41d93f4cd59d44.


Step 1 : Installing Libusb


On linux, execute the command:

apt install libusb


On FreeBSD 8.0+, libusb is already installed as part of the OS.

Mac OS X And Mac OS

For Macs, use the standalone Libusb installer which you can download from above.

Extract the installer, and

cd libusb-mac
. Then execute the command
sudo ./

4 options will be given. If you have a PPC Mac use the first option. If you have an Intel Mac on Mac OS X 10.4, you must use the Intel 32 bit option. If you have an Intel Mac on Mac OS 10.15 or newer you must use the Intel 64 bit option.

To uninstall Libusb from your Mac you can use the 4th option.