iPhoneInterface was originally created by nightwatch, without whom no iPhone de-jailing, or 3rd party code execution would be possible. Subsequent versions of iPhoneInterface were developed by geohot, ixtli and nall .The final version of iPhoneInterface was a backport of new functionality released by geohot in a tool called 'newgshell'. This application (iPHUC) represents all of the splintered development (jailbreak, iActivator, newgshell, ipi) brought into a package that is maintainable and opensource under the GPL. Warren, nall, mjc, and Operator were the initial contributors to iPHUC. Subsequently, patches and tinkering have been officially offered by uDecker.

When the iPhone first came out, the iPhone Dev Team created iphoneinterface. The first hack for the iPhone. Released under GNU GPL 2, many people contributed to it. Eventually, a rewrite turned iphoneinteface into iPHoneUtilityClient (iPHUC). The last official version of iPHUC was included in the realease of the 112 jailbreak, and was not open sourced.

What You Need To Use It

Building From Source

Requires Xcode v2.4-v3.x and Mac OS X 10.4-10.5.

Cd into the extracted source available for download above and execute "make zip". iPHUC will be built in build/RELEASE as a PPC and Intel universal binary. The libMobileDevice742.dylib file must be kept in the same directory as iPHUC for it to run.


mac iPHUC v0.78 Mac OS X - MD5: f70d399de837c83d3034348121bc77b4

source iPHUC v0.78 Source - MD5: b74ba23870d9912fb98799dc2026681b


iPHUC can be used with or without jailbreaking/activating. if you do jailbreak with ZiPhone, you will be able to connect to the AFC2 service and have root filesystem acess over USB while in Normal Mode.

iPHUC accepts 6 command line options:

To display as little output as possible, set -q. To display all possible output, set -vd.

Once iPHUC has been executed, you have access to 3 modes:

Normal Mode has the following commands:

Recovery Mode has the following commands:

Restore Mode has the following commands:

DFU Mode has the following commands:

Booting A Custom Ramdisk On iOS 1.0-2.0 beta 3

iPHUC can boot a custom ramdisk, which is easy to make with Lex Utils.

Entering DFU Mode From Recovery Mode On iOS 1.0-1.1.5

iPHUC can boot a 1.0-1.1.5 iOS WTF file for you, so you can enter DFU Mode from Recovery Mode and restore any iOS in iTunes. To use it:

If you attempt to putfile a file with size of zero, it messes up the AFC connection. Restart iPHUC if this happens.

Known bugs: running iphuc -v may cause a crash (this is even a bug in the last iPhone Dev Team iPHUC version).