By lex.

PXL Package Downloads

Because CLiBoot works on both firmware 1.0-1.1.5 and iPhone OS 2.0 beta 2-3 in one package, PXL package downloads are not on the PXL PXL 2 pages. Instead they can be found below:

The first and only utility that lets you dual boot on iPhone OS 2.0 beta 2, iPhone OS 2.0 beta 3, and firmware 1.0-1.1.5.

This is the only program that can:

System Requirements


Step 1 : Jailbreak Your Current OS

Use the latest ZiPhone to jailbreak your iPhone or iPod Touch on firmware 1.0-1.1.5 or iPhone OS 2.0 beta 2-3.

Step 2 : Installing A Bin Kit and Mobile Terminal or SSH


For Firmware 1.0-1.1.5:

You can install Mobile Terminal instead of Dropbear SSH, but you must install the MIU package. These packages are availble from the PXL package page as well as my Installer 3 source.

For iPhone OS 2.0 Beta 2-3:

Install the Modern iPhone Unix and Dropbear PXL packages from the PXL 2 page.

Step 3 : Installing CLiBoot



Now that all required packages are installed, install the CLiBoot PXL from the PXL page. This package works on both firmware 1.0-1.1.5 and 2.0 beta 2-3.

If You Installed Dropbear SSH:

Go into the settings of you iPhone or iPod Touch and setup a WiFi connection. You can tap the blue arrow icon next to any WiFi connection to see the WiFi IP address, which you need to SSH into your iPhone or iPod Touch.

On a device with SSH on the same WiFi network, ssh into your iPhone and iPod Touch with the command ssh root@youripaddressinthesettingsapp. The root password is alpine.

If You Installed Mobile Terminal (1.0-1.1.5 only):

Tap on the Mobile Terminal app. If you are on firmware 1.1.3-1.1.5 you will be asked to enter a password. Type

and press enter.

Step 3 : Initial Setup In CLiBoot





Execute the clib command. CLiBoot will start and detect that initial setup must be completed.

CLiBoot automatically detects if you have an iPod Touch or iPhone, and will ask for you to select your device capacity by typing the number listed and pressing return. Currently, the iPhone 4GB, iPhone 8GB, iPod Touch 8GB, and iPod Touch 16GB models are officially supported. I do not own an iPhone 16GB or iPod Touch 32GB are therefore can not add official support at the moment. However, if you have an iPhone 16GB or iPod Touch 32GB you can still use CLiBoot by selecting the 8GB option (iPhone 16GB) or 16GB option (iPod Touch 32GB). However, your device capacity will be halved until you restore in iTunes.

After initial setup is completed, your iPhone or iPod Touch will reboot and install the base dual boot. Once the iPhone or iPod Touch finishes and reboots again to the locks screen, you can continue to the next part of CLiBoot.

Step 4 : Installing An Additional OS



Now that your iPhone or iPod Touch has completed initial setup, you can once again connect over SSH or through Mobile Terminal and execute the clib command. However, this time it will detect that you have already completed the initial install and ask you if you would like to boot the other firmware on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Since you have not yet installed a different firmware you must type

at the prompt and press the return key.

CLiBoot will then look for /private/var/root/Library/CLiBoot/disk0s1.img. This is the file CLiBoot uses to restore various firmwares. If CLiBoot does not find it, it will ask if you would like to download one from

If you choose a firmware to download, CLiBoot will download, extract, and install it on to disk0s1.

Firmware 1.0-1.1.5 Only:

After the restore completes, CLiBoot will ask you if you would like to install the mobile terminal, miu, and the bdisk3 command on to your new other OS. This will not jailbreak your other OS but will install the command so once you do jailbreak with ZiPhone it will be available to be executed through mobile terminal or SSH. This is required for iPhone 1.0.

Compatibility Info

Selecting what firmware you'd like is at your preference. Here is what you should know:

Apple made a major hardware shift between newer and older iPhone/iPod Touch models, for example some iPhones can't restore lower then firmware 1.1.1 and some iPod Touch's can't restore lower then firmware 1.1.3 using iTunes. CLiBoot does not care about these limitations, and allows you to boot theses firmwares in your dual boot setup. This means even iPod Touchs can run iPhone firmware 1.0, 1.0.1, and 1.0.2 as well as iPhones can run firmware 1.1.5. 2.0 beta 3 iPod Touch works on iPhones as well as 2.0 beta 2 iPhone works on iPod Touch.

Step 5 : Jailbreaking Your New Second OS

Install ZiPhone and execute

ziphone -j -a
to jailbreak and activate your second OS .

After jailbreaking, if you do not have Mobile Terminal, MIU, and the bdisk3 command you will have to install these through (firmware 1.0-1.1.5 only) or with PXL packages.

Step 6 : Booting Your OSes


After jailbreaking the newly dual booted OS, install both the bdisk3 package and cliboot. If you choose to dual boot iPhone firmware 1.0 and already installed the bdisk3 command, you do not need to reinstall CLiBoot. The only reason you need to reinstall CLiBoot on other versions is for some reason it fails to be backed up. I literally do not know why or how this can happen but just reinstall it.

Step 7 : Installing A Different OS

Boot back into the original iTunes restored partition with the bdisk3 command through mobile terminal or over SSH. Then over ssh or Mobile Terminal execute the

command and download a different firmware just as before.

Removing The Dual Boot

DFU restore in iTunes to any other firmware. For iPhones, you may need to restore twice before your iPhone will boot.