This site is focused mainly on iOS 1, and to a lesser extent iOS 2 and 3. Here you will find downgrade methods, toolchains, jailbreaks, and more.

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Archived Description
Browser Bootstrap Download browsers for older OSes. This is a portal that allows you to download more modern browsers with an ancient browser or download utility.


Archive of official Apple iOS SDKs.
IPSW Files IPSW files for restoring in iTunes.


Various iTunes versions for Windows and Mac.
Jailbreak Archive My collection of iPhone hacking programs.
MacRumor's iPhone Prototype A prototype pre iOS 1.0 dump uploaded to the MacRumor's forum in 2009.

Downgrade, Restore, Update




Name Description For
iPHUC The original iPhone jailbreak program. It's a shell interface that supports scripting and interaction over various modes. Mac OS X 10.3.9-10.9.5
Lex's Toolchain Installer Build or Install the iOS 1.0-2.0 beta 3 toolchain with a single command. Mac OS X 10.3-10.9.5, Linux
Lex Utils Create and modify custom ramdisks that can be booted with iPhoneUtilityClient. Bash
PXLdaemon The first iOS package manager, now with a standalone interface. iOS 1.0-2.0 beta 3
ZiPhone Downgrade, jailbreak, activate, and more for iOS 1.0-1.1.5 and 2.0 beta 2-3 iPhone and iPod Touch. Windows 98 SE-Windows 10, Mac OS X 10.4.0-10.15.x, FreeBSD 8.0-12.x, Haiku OS Beta 1, and Linux

My Software

Name Description For
CLiBoot The only dual boot utility for the original iPhone and iPod Touch ever made. iOS 1.0-2.0 beta 3
iTunes Eraser Uninstall and or downgrade iTunes at will completely automatically. Windows XP SP2-Windows 10, Mac OS X 10.1-Mac OS 10.15
MPFree My very own command line audio player that can play local files as well as stream URLs. iOS 1.0-1.1.5
Patched iTunes v7.5 The only offline restore/update method that covers iOS 1.1-3.1.3 for the original iPhone and iPod Touch, created by @parrotgeek1 and myself. Mac OS X 10.4.10-10.9.5, Windows XP SP2-Windows 10
PLPatch The iOS 2.0 beta 2 and 3 activation patch used in the new ZiPhone created by @parrotgeek1 and myself. Bash


Source Description For
AppTapp Unofficial This site's version 3.x source. To access this, add the above URL in version 3.x. iPhone and iPod Touch iOS 1.0-1.1.5
BigBoss iOS 1 Mirrror Many thanks to @parrotgeek1 for these packages. The entire repo is missing some packages, but many are available. These broken non existant packages will be fixed soon. To access this, add the above URL in version 3.x. iOS 1.0-1.1.5
Mobile Unix Cross compiled software for iPhone and iPod Touch, this will be updated soon for a more maintainable project. iOS 1.0-2.0 beta 3
PXL The website hosted PXL packages in 2007 and 2008 before shutting down. Now it has been continued on this site as the Author wanted in 2008 before shutting down their site. iOS 1.0-1.1.5
PXL2 The PXL package style, continued for the first time on iOS 2.0 beta 2 and 3. iOS 1.2 beta-2.0 beta 3